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Why isn’t Quoth Steve in the App Store?

Quoth Steve was, in fact, submitted for approval into the App Store as a native iOS app. Long story short, it was rejected for having a predominantly Steve Jobs theme. Although we disagree with the (unpublished) policy preventing these types of apps from inclusion in the store, we respect the App Review Board’s decision. After cordial phone discussions with a member of the review team, we were encouraged to pursue other delivery methods, which included publishing as an HTML web app.

What’s a web app?

A web app is basically just a web page that’s been optimized for your device. For example, on iPhones and iPads, Quoth Steve is designed to run without all of Safari’s UI chrome. This gives the app the entire screen for its own user interface. Additionally, an app icon is added to your home screen. Quoth Steve should look and behave like a native app you’d get from the App Store.

How much does it cost?

It’s totally FREE! While we originally had aspirations of selling Quoth Steve in the App Store, we’ve realized that what mattered most to us was that people enjoy our app. So if we couldn’t get it on the App Store and gain access to hundreds of millions of people that way, we figured the web’s a pretty big place too.

If you love our app and feel that you would have spent 99¢ on it in the App Store anyway, we’ll happily accept a donation. We have a PayPal account set up so that you can make a contribution with just a few clicks. We appreciate donations of any amount. Thank you!

Donate with PayPal

What devices are supported?

Quoth Steve has been tested and verified to perform well on any iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. A complete list of supported mobile devices is below:

Although not officially supported, devices with older versions of iOS should be able to run the app as well. At this time, Quoth Steve is not supported on any Android device.

Quoth Steve can also run in Safari and Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop.

How do I install Quoth Steve?

If you’re on a laptop or desktop with Safari or Google Chrome, simply go to https://quothsteve.com/app/ and optionally add the site to your bookmarks folder.

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, follow these steps:

  1. From your device, go to https://quothsteve.com/app/ using Safari.
  2. Tap the action icon (it looks like a box with an arrow pointing up) located at the bottom of the screen on iPhones and iPod Touches, and at the top of the screen for iPads.
  3. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options presented.
  4. Tap Add.

These steps will download and install Quoth Steve and will add an icon to your home screen.

How do I sync favorites between devices?

Quoth Steve supports syncing favorites between devices if you enable Dropbox syncing from the settings menu. You must have a Dropbox account to enable syncing. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can sign up for free.

What information is stored and synced in Dropbox?

Quoth Steve only saves metadata that allows other instances of the app to keep favorites in sync.

If I enable Dropbox sync, does Quoth Steve have access to my Dropbox files?

No. Quoth Steve can only access the metadata that it creates for syncing favorite information.

Will Quoth Steve work if I’m offline?

Yep. Once you install Quoth Steve, it’s stored on your device. It doesn’t matter if you’re up in a plane, down on the subway, or out in a remote national park — you can still use Quoth Steve. Some functions will understandably be limited: you can’t share and you can’t open external links. But you can mark your favorites and, if you’ve enabled Dropbox sync, the next time you’re online you’ll be all set.

Why does the network activity indicator on my iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad keep spinning?

This is a bug in iOS’s implementation of web apps. The network activity indicator may spin constantly while the web app is open, even when there is no network activity. The bug has been submitted to Apple and acknowledged as an outstanding issue.

What’s the deal with the start screen when launching Quoth Steve?

Are you noticing a brief misalignment or a white bar across the top of your screen before everything returns to normal? This is a bug in iOS’s implementation of web apps. iOS 7 requires startup images that are smaller than the full height of the screen resulting in sporadic UI issues during launch. The bug has been submitted to Apple and acknowledged as an outstanding issue.

I just updated to iOS 9 and there's a white bar at the top of the app. What's going on?

We're aware of the issue and are looking for a fix. At this point, it looks like there is a bug in how iOS 9 handles standalone web apps with transparent status bars.

UPDATE: It appears that iOS 9.2 beta 1 fixes this issue. We hope the issue will be resolved once iOS 9.2 is released out of beta.

What should I do if I notice a typo or a misquoted quote?

There’s a form in Quoth Steve that will let you quickly notify us about the issue. Or you can send an email to feedback@quothsteve.com and let us know what’s wrong.

What should I do if I think I’ve found a bug?

Please let us know about it so that we can attempt to fix it. Send us a quick note at feedback@quothsteve.com.